Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Mistaken Identity

On September 4th, I planted lots of turnips, some radishes, and a variety of other fall crops in the new plot out front. I had really forgotten how many rows of each, other than the turnips were most numerous and they were at either end of the plot.

I have been admiring all my turnips-they are coming in very well. But I got my chart out this morning and discovered three rows of turnips were actually radishes! Big radishes, with greens to challenge those turnips. They are so red-I'll bet they're HOT!

We'll put the greens in our salad and feed some to the goats. The fruit...well what is okay to eat we will, the rest the chickens will take care of. (Is there such a thing as hot eggs?)


I watched the last half of the debate last night, which was essentially a re-run of the previous presidential debate. As John McCain was shaking slightly and visibly frustrated saying, "In time like these we need a steady hand at the tiller", I thought the steady hand would have appeared to many to be Obama and not McCain during last nights' contest.

Sorry I missed the first part, but from the reports, I think I would have been frustrated.

In the commentary afterward, Dianne Sawyer mentioned that the people in the hall were instructed to show no expression and complied perfectly. What have we come to! I'd like to see some rip-roaring honesty from the candidates and the crowd. If I ever ran....oops that's in '012.

Oremus pro invicem!

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