Thursday, October 09, 2008

Interviews and pigs

It all comes back to pigs doesn't it? So yesterday I went down to the State Fair and was interviewed by Jim Corbett and Gary Towery of Mediatrix Radio at the Catholic booth in the Hampton building. It was 10 minute affair where I plugged Requiem Press and The Requiem Reader .

As I was waiting for my ride back to the car (we had special passes to get in, so we carpooled from the MacDonald's a couple miles away) I decided to find and check out the swine barn. It had only a few pigs (this was opening day), and no one was around except for the barn superintendent who had was a retired Clemson extension agent and who had run the swine barn at the State Fair for 30 years or so. This was to be his last year.

Well, we got on. We talked for close to an hour about the hog business. He told me that SC was one of the few state fairs in the Southeast to still have a swine show because most farmers who raise pigs don't own their own stock-its contract work for big companies; thus they don't show pigs.

He asked me if I want to get into breeding (which I think I do) and reviewed with me the best stock and cross breeding to do. He also told me where the best pigs would be to look at (they weren't there yet) when I come back down to the fair later in the week.

It was a great conversation-I learned a lot. This gentleman used to be hired by farmers in SC to travel to the Midwest to buy the best sows and boars for breeding.

Traffic was horrendous leaving Columbia (it reminds me how glad I am not to be living in the city any more) and I was late to CCD.

A reminder to all South Carolinians who may be reading, the Diocesan Rosary Celebration will be this Saturday at Our Lady of Joyful Hope Shrine in Kingtree, SC.


I hate to interrupt all this fun stuff with the disheartening news that our government is considering a partial nationalization of the banking system. ...

Oremus pro invicem!

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