Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The kids slaughtered and plucked two chickens yesterday morning before school. Then I taught Mrs. Curley how to butcher the chickens. (I am trying to make myself obsolete.) We had the chickens for dinner and they were pretty good-good flavor but a bit chewy.


As I was working at Requiem Press yesterday, I was thinking about how the urgency of getting this order out and how I had this or that book to finish editing-along with all the other (paying) work I have to do. And I started to think about all the other companies and/or apostolates who seemed overworked, and I wondered about the solution.... then I remembered the words and examples of Blessed Mother Teresa, Fr. Lee Selzer (may his soul rest in peace), and Dorothy Day: all of whom advocated prayer before works.

The older I get, the more I realize (and the more it shouts at me in the face) that prayer is the first and ongoing answer to every problem, every joy, every endeavor. St. Paul tells us to pray always, to greet each other with the Psalms-that is with prayers for each other and the Church.

Fr. Miara at the Rosary Celebration in Kingstree a few weeks ago exhorted us to say at least 15 decades of the rosary a day. I found time to add a few extra decades here and there to our family 5, but I still resist turning off the radio and turning away from my own plans (building castles in my head.)

We are so sophisticated we think we can survive without God's constant help (or at least just giving him a nod here and there.) But we must get serious. Look around! We are in times of moral crisis and desperation in our society, culture and yes even in the Church in some quarters.

It is a sorry state when our only hope in God's mercy for so many souls is that there is such a thing as invincible ignorance and that they have it. And we bear blame for the state of our culture. We must pray more for the conversion of sinners; I must pray more.

Oremus pro invicem!

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