Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I was in the city yesterday trying to earn some dough. Heat finally (after 4 trips) got fixed. Can't wait to see that bill!

Cold here in the Kershaw county this morning.


I was listening to the debate the the 2nd Congressional Seat last night on my way home on the radio(not my district). The incumbent, pretty much a Bush man-but a little more conservative-is pitted against a (young) just-retired marine.

The incumbent (Joe Wilson) is not the most polished speaker, but he knows his stuff and stayed on message, and actually said some things. The challenger (_ Miller) just keeping repeating the same 3 or 4 lines as an answer to every question-yet answered not a single one. It's fine to say we need to "focus on working families in SC, families who work 5-6 days a week", but you how you're going to it, other than simply to kick Joe Wilson out. Maybe this is the local version of the "change" message.

Finally, found this picture from days of yore being used as a bookmark. Couldn't resist posting it. It's my three oldest sons about 10 years ago.

Oremus pro invicem!


TS said...

That son on the left looks like a mean hombre!

Are they eating corn dogs? It's making me hungry, even at 10am... :-)

Jim Curley said...

I think its popscicles. It's funny how their personalities are apparent in this photo. Maybe that's why it caught my eye.

The center guy is the family publicist, Mr. Personality and kidder. The one on the right is introspective. The young man on the left is the serious leader and idea man.