Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Small Holding Report

Picked our lone cantaloupe the other day. We have it for breakfast this morning. I also picked one peanut plant this morning. Plant 1 peanut (actually 1/2) and get 2 peanuts!. Granted I picked the rattiest looking plant because I didn't know if I was picking too early or not. I will give the other plants a few more days.

Eggplants are still coming in (eggplant parm on Friday night and more for the freezer) and tomatoes are really going well now-a last burst. We have one red pepper plant which is producing...slowly. I picked one this morning.

Because of all the watermelon we are feeding the pigs, I have watermelon sprouting everywhere. In the smallest pen (vacant at the moment) the watermelon plants are a green cover on the ground. (I actually have turnips planted in there-before I knew the watermelon would overtake everything.) Of course we won't get any fruit, but it should keep the next set of piglets happy.

Speaking of pigs... "Fred" is on his last chance. He really never got better-the lameness left, but the fever recurred. Yesterday (running a 106.8 temp) we changed his medicine to penicillin. His fever was down to 103.5 this morning and he was more active and more interested in eating than we have seen him in days. If he doesn't recover fully and soon I will cut my losses. Even if he does recover, I don't think he has a strong constitution and will put him up for sausage once the meds are out of his system.

I plan to get a couple more pigs so we have something to do in the late winter.

We got our last original pig back from the butcher. When we butcher, the sausage is from the trimmings, not the main deal. However, there is a bias down here for sausage. I've talked to several men who (or whose parents) would make the whole hog sausage-only an occasional ham. So instead of several large hams and roasts, we got a few 2 pound roasts and hams and tons of sausage off this pig-the one we sent to the butcher. Lesson learned.

The sausage is great, but that's not why I am raising pigs and all that sausage can't be good for my arteries.

My fall planting (last Thursday) of turnips etc is already sprouting. More rain today. God is good!

From Bethany, the small holding in Bethune .... Oremus pro invicem!

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Anonymous said...


you know you can get extra lean sausage.

It has just enough fat to hold it together. We buy it from a butcher in Gaffney. He makes it up special for us and it has so little fat that it goes further as well.

Also you do not have a sausage heart burn for the next 3 days.