Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I have written about Instant Postum before-but never with such sorrow....There is only one store down here that ever carried Instant Postum, and they didn't always have it. For over a year, every time we went into the Piggly Wiggly in Camden, we would look, but it's place on the shelf was empty. Now I find out why ....

First a little history: Instant Postum was the foundational product of the Post Company (you know Post Cereals). Some years ago, they were bought by Kraft. Now Kraft (or maybe just the Post division, I don't know) is (or was) being bought by another company, Ralcorp.

There are two stories to the demise of Instant Postum.

The first says that there was a cancer-causing ingredient in Instant Postum called acrylamide. Postum had a higher level of acrylamide than most any other product. Instead of reformulating, Postum was discontinued.

The second story (which does not deny the first) says that the Post people and the Kraft people never got along. In a parting shot before Kraft lost control during the buyout, Kraft discontinued Postum-the foundational product.

Whichever is correct, I will miss my Instant Postum!

Now, more than ever... Oremus pro invicem!

P.S. Send some prayers the way of the Culbreath's in CA.

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