Thursday, September 25, 2008

Everything around here seems to return to pigs. Here's an example: Yesterday at the dinner table Mrs. Curley (in urging me not to shave) said, "When you shave, your face looks like the back side of a pig!" She then tried to back off and explain that she didn't mean it as it sounded-but I wasn't buying any of it. (And the kids were roaring.) But just goes to show, when you have pigs around, your life changes (as you saw in yesterday's post about Mrs. Haynes.)


Yesterday I noted that during the "biggest financial crisis since X" our presidential candidates (and one VP candidate for that matter) who are all senators are absent from the Congressional debate on the $700B bailout package-demonstrating (in my opinion) no leadership. Kudos now to John McCain in belatedly recognizing this and getting back to Congress give his input, (even if I don't agree with his take on it.) Enough said.

Oremus pro invicem!

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TS said...

Yeah I was thinking the same thing yesterday. I thought: "wow...if they don't need Senator X during this huge crisis, then why are they running for president?" where X = Obama and McCain.