Monday, August 11, 2008

A review of Russell Shaw's latest book Nothing to Hide (Ignatius Press) appears in this month's Catholic World Report. The reviewer, Anthony Esolen writes:

For a genuine father raises his sons to share with him the responsibilities of the family business. The good father not only consults his sons for advice. He makes sure he is always raising sons-and daughters-from whom he can expect good advice. A good father not only tells his sons what to do. He raises sons whom he need not tell what to do, because their loving obedience and his loving authority have become one, and they enjoy authority in their own right, in and through mature obedience. (emphasis in original.)

I read this just before number one son and I tackled the fuel pump in my truck together. I am a good one for giving orders to my sons-but not so good at listening to their advice. But son number one had some some good advice during our job, and I am glad I read this and listened.

Much to think about here. I never really thought about raising children "to share with him the responsibilities of the family business", but I should have, because this has much to do with the family economy.

More on this review later, but I wanted to get this thought in writing before I forgot.

Oremus pro invicem!

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