Saturday, August 09, 2008

Quick Notes for Saturday-before the action starts

Let me preface this story by noting that I almost always were a hat when out. Except for the summer, I wear a fedora style had-for want of a better word. In the summer I may wear my straw hat, a baseball cap locally, one of my worn and stained fedora when working around the holding, or a cap (how to describe it-okay a picture) except mine is a faded denim.

Well, I was picking up some flax seed and other items at the organic/nature store in the city earlier this week and wearing my denim cap. The cashier was a young man whose arms were literally covered with tattoos and who had at least one, but possibly more ear-rings (or other-rings) about. As he rung me up, he commented, "Nice hat-especially the denim." Nothing particularly notable other that I can now say I am fashionable with the youth of America.


A new excerpt up at The Requiem Reader


When I got my truck towed on Friday I called a local man. I had never met him but had driven by his place many times-it is only about 6 miles up the road towards Kershaw. His place is distinctive because he has cars from every generation on his lot in various states of repair (and disrepair). I have always wanted to stop in cause I love cars from the 30's to 50's.

When he came to tow the car I was surprised-I don't know how old he was, but you don't often see men of his advanced age (maybe 70+) working wreckers. (But then again, around here you do. I have a neighbor in his upper eighties who I still see driving his tractor in the fields regularly.)

I spent a little time talking to this gentleman who has spent all his life in Bethune. He knew the original owners of our place, and he has a passion for old cars.


On government regulations: Some weeks back I was exploring taking one of my hogs to a butcher. I have in the past transported my pigs in a cage/crate on the back of my Chevy S10 pickup. The butcher told me that this could pose some problems. You see my pickup bed is 30 inches off the ground and the maximum height of the chute at the butcher's is 14 inches off the ground. Federal restrictions (I was told) say the pig has to move from the vehicle of transport to the butcher's chute with no ramps or assistance of its own accord. Can you believe this? As one friend commented: people had to write this and debate it!

Now I am sure this regulation had worthy origins, but it is a symptom of an overly regulated society lacking common sense. In a Distributist society government regulation of small business would be low-but this doesn't mean no regulation at all. As I understand it, the Guild system would be in place where local Guilds would both support and police each other. hmmm.

Oremus pro invicem!

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