Saturday, August 16, 2008

One shot-this time (and I took my own sweet time cause I wanted to get it right.) and the pig went down. CT made the cut and blood poured out. The skinning was so much easier. Unstressful pig death changes a lot. We finished at 10 PM last night (as opposed to close to midnight last time.)- but still too long.

We only had CT (who is become a master at skinning) to help, so Mrs. Curley was out there helping to move the hog carcass: What woman!!


More importantly-we may have fixed the septic problem-looks like it was a blockage between the tank and the distribution box. With some back water pressure, I think it is cleared. At any rate, we are back on showers again, so everything smells a bit sweeter around here.

Butchering today, so gotta go. St. Stephen of Hungary-pray for us!

Oremus pro invicem!

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