Thursday, August 14, 2008

It turns out that between WWI and WWII Agrarianism as a way of life and a political force made a comeback in Eastern Europe: Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Czechoslovakia. By the early 30's though, most of these parties had failed and were driven from power. Third Ways by Allan Carlson details their rise and fall and explains their demise:

More fundamentally, the agrarians failed because they were too honorable and decent. Fully committed to democratic rule, they refused to smash their national constitutions in order to hold onto power. Firmly believing in pacifism, they abhorred and avoided whenever possible the use of violence. Moreover, as Mitrany explains, the peasant political program in its social conception was "as revolutionary as Socialism, and in the face of ruthless obstruction, could have carried through only by equally ruthless political pressure. " Tragically, but also to their credit, this the agrarians refused to do.


As we move through our latest crisis (septic system) Mrs. Curley commented that everything seems to happen to us. But I don't think so. When we lived in the city, just as many things happened, but there was a difference: I called a plumber, or electrician, or the mechanic, and they took care of it. Now we have to do most jobs ourselves either because of money or because we live in the middle of nowhere. So every bump in the road seems a little bigger. But we thank God for it!

Oremus pro invicem!

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