Friday, June 13, 2008

The meaning

I have run into confusion in the past about the name of our publishing business: Requiem Press. Most people recognize that "requiem" has something to do with those who have died. In fact someone once said, "Requiem Press? Dead Press? What's that supposed mean?" (I could have replied, "It means you don't know Latin.")

And in the comment boxes of another blog which had "announced" one of our new releases as a favor to the author, the comment was made: "Requiem Press? Says it all. Requiems are said for the dead." (obviously not a fan, but also misses the point.)

Rather than enter a comment box fray, let me just say a couple words about why we selected "Requiem Press".

First, "requiem" literally means rest; as in the prayer:

Requiem (rest) aeternam (eternal) dona (give/grant) eis (to them) Domine (Lord).

Because of "requiem" is the first word of the prayer, it has become associated with the departed, as the commenter quoted above noted: Requiems are Masses said for the dead.

In the same sense we use the word requiem (as in Requiem Press); it was selected to bring this prayer to mind (so more people would say it). We have a special devotion to praying for the holy souls in purgatory and hope to spread this devotion by including a free prayer booklet (our first release) for the holy souls in every order we fill.

We may be a "dead" press in some eyes, (or in sales figures), but hopefully this post will educate those of good heart and/or curiosity as to our motivation and prayers.

Oremus pro invicem!

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