Saturday, June 14, 2008

In my vanity ...

... I have been known to "Google" my blog "Bethune Catholic" to see if anyone, anywhere ever mentions it. Maybe not so coincidentally (with respect to my current interests) many hits come up referring to Ada Bethune, who was an artist and an early disciple of Dorothy Day. You can read something about her here. You can view some of her artwork and read some of her writings here.

I haven't posted any pictures or quoted anything from these sites as I am not sure of the permissions, but you go check it out. However, I did find a picture of a used book Easy Essays by Peter Maurin, which shows some of her art.

The artwork: 10 years ago I wouldn't have appreciated it as I do now-but then again, there is much I wouldn't have appreciated 10 years ago which I do now.

Oremus pro invicem!


Anonymous said...

I wondered if you were related to Ada.
I lived near her in Newport. She was an amazing woman and in her final years worked tirelessly for converting a former convent, Star of the Sea, into assisted living units....where one day I hope to end up!

Jim Curley said...

Sounds as if Ada Bethune was truly talented and dedicated to helping others: may we all follow her example in using our talents to glorify God!