Monday, May 26, 2008

SFR - revisited

One rainy Sunday afternoon two years ago, the family watched the Swiss Family Robinson (Disney version). You can read all about my impressions here.

Yesterday, we watched it again (not because it was raining, but because Mrs. Curley & I had an acute case of tiredness from the game of Risk the night before-see post below.) I popped a couple huge batches of popcorn and we sat down to watch.

Mrs. Curley and I passed some knowing looks as Mr. and Mrs. Robinson discussed their plight and their final decision throughout the movie. It confirmed my writings about the movie mentioned above. But there was one bit of dialog at the end which maybe we missed before, but had a particular meaning for us. They have just made their decision to stay on the island forever. Here it is:

Mrs. Robinson: Its been a good life for us here. Of course, as Rebbecca says, there are some few things you have to do without.

Mr. Robinson: It's surprising how unimportant those few things seem when you don't have people stopping by feeling sorry for you.

The point is, we are very happy here. There are "some few things" we have to do without or have to wait for-but we have chosen this-willingly. I have had several opportunities in the past 4 years to go to work again for companies with great pay and benefits-we would have all the material things we could want .... but we wouldn't have the freedom to be a family that we have here.

Not to say all is bliss. We have our faults, but we have time to work on them together, if we have the courage to face them and not run away.

Oremus pro invicem!

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