Monday, June 26, 2006

Swiss Family Robinson

Update: I forgot to mention another point on this. As I watched this movie again, I suddenly realized that I was no longer identifying with the boys-but with the father. This is another reason for my new perspective.

In my previous post I mentioned that we watched the Disney version of the Swiss Family Robinson last night. Never thought much of it one way or the other until we saw it last night. (Although I think it was the first movie I ever saw at the theater.)

However, in watching it last night, some of the conversations between Mr. & Mrs. Robinson took on new meaning for Mrs. Curley and I. While we haven't been shipwrecked, our experiences the past two years between trying to live a country life and trying to start a business have had some hardships, surprises, but ultimately much joy. The eternal optismism of Mr. Robinson, coupled with his cautious revealing of their true predicament, as well as a couple other attributes was dead-ringer for me of late. A few of Mrs. Robinson's worries, comments, and realism reminded us both of Mrs. Curley of late. And their final decision to stay on the island-is also how we feel about Bethany, our parish St. Catherine's, and our endeavor. (Who knew?)

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