Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hilary and Obama

Not what you may think ... By family acclaim, we have named the two (goat) kids (one male-recently castrated, and one female) we bought a week ago for the dual purpose of land clearage and then to the pot: Hilary and Obama. We are not sure why, and who first started calling them that, but the names seem to fit and stick. Neither will be around too long anyway-just in case it causes scandal.


I spent several hours yesterday in a government office trying to beat through some red tape. While waiting I overheard a conversation between the receptionist who has a son just returned from Iraq and a waiting "customer" who himself had just returned from Iraq.

Man: I am starting to think we don't know what we're doing over there in Iraq.

Receptionist: Oil!

Man: But look at gas prices. If it was for oil, how come we haven't got any of it?

That wasn't all of the conversation. The receptionist who was originally from somewhere in Latin America noted that the US government wouldn't send troops to solve her countries problems because there was no oil there. The Man responded, "Or South Africa either."

Two things troubled me about the conversation: First, neither really had any problem with US troops invading people around the world-they just wanted it to be for good reasons and for us to see a return on it (for example, cheap oil). Secondly (without comment), I am betting that both of these people are likely voters in the fall.


I am feeling sick today, but hope I can get over it soon-there is much to do. In fact I heard from Mrs. Curley yesterday that I am "always in a hurry". It is (almost always) true. It is something to pray about.

Oremus pro invicem!

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