Friday, May 02, 2008

The biggest objection made to the idea of the family being the central economic unit and practical community and regional self-sufficiency goes something like: "Well how about vaccines? We will have new epidemics because everyone is farming and not every region will be able to afford to have vaccine research and manufacture facilities."

But this isn't a real argument-it is simply a lack of understanding . The principle is Subsidiarity-that everything should be done by the smallest unit possible-or better put, that no organization should take on a task which can be done by a smaller unit. This is a traditional Catholic social doctrine and is the basis for a natural economy. This doesn't eliminate technology-but recognizes that technology should be in the service of man and not vice versa-including man's moral well-being.

In this vein, I particularly like this clip from Beyond Capitalism and Socialism - a new statement of an old ideal:

the most insidious example of this destructive type of technology is the television set. It is not only a means of social control by both the state and corporation; it is a direct path to sloth and stupidity. It has also become the principle cultural organ of industrial society. As such, it has replaced the role of the Church in defining and disseminating cultural values. The struggle to rid oneself of the influence of television is essential to restoring sanity in the household and rekindling human relationships, conversation, hobbies, prayer, and many other forgotten human activities. (Tobias Lanz)

Wow! strong stuff-but real.

I need to get back to the main point, but it will have to wait for the next posting opportunity.

Oremus pro invicem!


TS said...

For me, the internet (esp. blogging & reading blogs) is more powerful than television concerning those influences you mention. Amy Welborn said blogging is the "most potent form of procastination ever invented".

I've learned an incredible amount on the web so it hasn't made me stupider. But I think it has likely made me more slothful and cynical.

Jim Curley said...

Oh-not to say all technology is bad-and yes the influence of TV is giving way to more advanced media on the internet.

TS said...

You get the email I sent to your comments @ requiem email?

Jim Curley said...

TS-Got it-replied.- Jim