Thursday, March 27, 2008

What am I reading?

My visiting Aunt (having just decided to extend her stay her for about a week) passed on to me an interesting collection of short stories by Jeffrey Archer. The inspiration for them came from stories and prisoners he met while he was in prison himself. The stories are entertaining, but I am not sure they would be called literary classics, nor do they have any profound meaning-unless it is that people want justice on this earth and are willing to break the law to get the financial justice (they think) they deserve when it doesn't come their way naturally and legally. Ah well-enjoyable.

I tell my kids-you want justice? Get to Heaven-you'll get it there. (Although note that the actual getting to Heaven involves more mercy than justice.)

Next up ... jumping ahead of books I am already reading or are in the pile to read ... is All Creatures Great and Small. This one is loaned to me by my sister. I remember seeing my grandfather reading this book and ads for the Public Television dramatization when I was a kid. I also remember thinking how boring that has to be. Now my perspective has changed. I can't wait to get into it.

While I haven't started reading it yet, I took a peek. Just listen to this opening salvo:

They didn't say anything about this in the books, I thought ... I lay face down on the cobbled floor in a pool of nameless muck, my arm deep inside a straining cow, my feet scrabbling for a toe hold between the stones.

("scrabbling" -what a word !).

(Oh, and by the way-I have reopened post comments at least for a try. )

Oremus pro invicem!

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