Sunday, March 16, 2008


At least one tornado touched down on our road Saturday evening-about 5 miles from our house. No one was injured, but there was some damage. We saw multiple trees up-rooted and many trees severed at the same height. From the damage-there wasn't always a clear swath of damage-it looked like the twister was popping up and down over a two-mile stretch. We saw a big trampoline twisted and thrown on the other side of the road. A piece of tin roofing off a garage was also twisted and thrown. Fortunately, most damage appeared away from houses-but not all.

We had a strong storm on Saturday afternoon, but didn't think much more of it til when were driving to Mass Sunday morning and saw the damage.

The news outlets concentrated on the bigger twisters-one of which touched down at the other end of our (Kershaw) county; it did more damage than ours. I am not even sure our twister was acknowledged-but strong winds alone don't account for what we saw.

We stopped at one house on the way home from Church where the owners were clearing a tree off their house-they had one on the house and a big old oak tree down-almost in the road.

We ran home and changed our clothes, then the boys and I went back and spent the day clearing the tree by the road for them. I have a small chain saw which was doing pretty well, but then another friend of the owner stopped by with a huge Husqvarna. That saw made quick work of that oak.

We thank God we were spared.

Oremus pro invicem!

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