Saturday, March 15, 2008

St. Joseph's Feast

....and we will celebrate a little St. Patrick's Day too! It is supposed to rain most of the day, so our outside work (of which there is much) will be put on hold for a couple days. We'll do a few inside chores and then maybe have our own little talent show. My aunt, who is visiting is a very willing participant.

Mrs. Curley is a little under the weather, but we hope she and I can do the "Who's on First" routine. One of my son's is singing Danny Boy with my harmonica accompaniment. The rest I don't know yet.

No Guinness for me this year-but soon....

We need to move our pigs, they have used (dug) up most their current pen. I have been waiting for hog panels to arrive at our local feed store-but I don't think I can wait any longer. I am going with the taller cow panels-which may be for the best anyhow. If we get goats, we will probably want to keep them out of the pig pen-and the hog panels won't do it.

Happy Feast Day!-St. Joseph & St. Patrick-pray for us!

Oremus pro inviem!

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