Thursday, January 03, 2008


It is interesting to see how various religious denominations rationalize changes to fundamental doctrine with no (apparent) public outcry and yet a politician does the same thing at their own peril. Case in point: Mormons had "new revelation" from God when they found that Utah couldn't become a state unless it outlawed polygamy. On the other hand, Mormon Mitt Romney's flips (albeit to the right side) on abortion and homosexual marriage could cost him the cultural conservative vote and thus the nomination, due to lack of trust.

Mainline Protestant Churches suddenly proclaimed artificial birth control to be moral after hundreds of years declaring the opposite in the late 1930's. Many of the politicians who are "pro-life" still think artificial birth control is the best thing since sliced bread. Yet I have heard many people give good reasons arguing that until artificial birth control is regarded once again as immoral by all Christian denominations, abortion will be part of our culture also.


Iowa votes today. We vote on January 19th. I am finding less and less to like about the Republican candidates as the cycle goes on. I really wish Sen. Brownback was still in the race. While I didn't agree with him on everything, I think I could vote for him at least somewhat enthusiastically. Ron Paul? Not sure yet. But he seems to be one of the few, if any, left I feel I can vote for in the primaries-although he has NO realistic chance in the Republican party.

May God bless our nation.

Oremus pro invicem!

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