Monday, November 12, 2007

The Spirit of Freedom

I think I mentioned some weeks ago (here) that our kids and their friends were making a Revolutionary War movie-partially near and on our property. Some of it was filmed at Andrew Jackson State Park outside of Lancaster, SC. The "premiere" is Friday night. The local paper in Rock Hill (where the director lives) carried a story on it yesterday. Here's a piece:

Recent Hollywood productions filmed in and around Rock Hill the past few years ... are all still waiting to be released in theaters. But (Zac) Brakefield, an 11th-grade Rock Hill homeschooled student, will debut the 30-minute feature film he wrote and directed Friday night at the Center for the Arts in downtown Rock Hill.

"The Spirit of Freedom" is a fictional tale set during the Revolutionary War, starring Zac and 22 other youths and adults from Rock Hill, Lancaster and other parts of South Carolina. All of the scenes were filmed in Rock Hill, at Andrew Jackson State Park and in the Kershaw County town of Bethune.

The story is focused on a small South Carolina town during the Revolutionary War. When British forces descend upon the colonial village, its citizens are faced with a choice: pack up and flee or stand strong to fight the enemy.

Read the whole thing here (you may have to register. I didn't have to register the first time, but the second time I looked for the story I had to register.)

Oremus pro invicem!

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Kevin said...

Just wanted to comment here since Zac is working with our business now, more of his work can be seen at his blog

He's sharing his own work as well as commenting on videos by others, from the perspective of a video producer (analysis, details, etc.)