Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It's about time!

Actually, this may be a bit premature, but let's go anyway. At Requiem Press our special apostolate is to promote prayers for the holy souls in purgatory, and we offer 2 booklets to do this. Otherwise, our books, generally, whether new or reprints have some historical aspect to them. (An early catch phrase of ours was: Showing God's hand in history and man's response to God.)

One thing we would have liked to have done, but haven't so far, is something pro-life. (It has many years since those Saturday morning rosaries outside of abortion clinics in Brookline.) We wanted to do something for the victims of abortion, but nothing really that came across my desk was the right thing.

Well, those days are over. Our next release, coming in September (no hard date yet), is the true story of a nurse practioner working in "women's health" who gets closer and closer to abortion-rationalizing her increased involvement all the way-until she actually participates in one. But God keeps sending her messages-she tries to ignor. Finally one day her heart is opened and she cries to God for mercy. (She also converts to Catholicism in the process.) It is a story which will hopefully move many hearts-because that is where battle truly lies. If hearts are changed, behavior and laws will soon follow. (Don't get me wrong, laws can change hearts too-albeit from a different starting point.)

Here is the cover concept. Okay, we're not thrilled with the color scheme yet, but at this point it is best contrast we have. (Suggestions are vigorously welcomed-I am not sensitive to design criticism. I want a book design that works, one that people will pick up.) The particular ultrasound picture we use is not yet set in stone either. We looked at the new 3-D ultrasounds, but for the moment are revisiting the standard ultrasound pictures as shown here.

This will be a booklet: ~4.25" x 7" as is a few of our other offerings. We don't yet have page count or a price, but it will be short and hopefully priced so that volume pricing is doable-if not attractive. (On this last note-I don't know if you've noticed, but everything has gone up in price this summer-including postage. That means our cost of doing business is going up too.)

Anyway, we are extremely excited about this project. I am spending much of my time on it these weeks to get a September release. Editorial is almost finished. Design, layout and marketing campaign are in getting into full swing. Look for it soon. I'm sure I will remind you if you stop by again. And please pray for its success.

Oremus pro invicem!


Jennifer said...

Emailing you.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the ultrasound picture looks like a baby - I can't make out the head or feet or anything.

JCurley said...

Anonymous-I wondered about that. I can tell, but I am familiar with the picture. We might try some others. Thanks.