Thursday, August 30, 2007

fevers and frogs

Update: Mrs. Curley was much better last night. (All I had to do was post it here!) I think we're on the right track now. Thanks for the prayers!

First the fever-Mrs. Curley was sporting a 105 degree fever last evening. I thought that was high enough to kill someone-but Mrs. Curley is hanging in there. (And in fact, my research today shows that sustained fever above 107.6 is where the damage really starts.)

We have been struggling to keep her fever below 103 for several days now. She seems better today, but time will tell. (And yes, we have been to the doctor and believe we have things under control.)

We certainly want her back in action as soon as possible - (thus prayers requested).


I was never much of an animal, insect, reptile type of kid growing up-and still am not to this day. Apparantly my kids don't take after me.

You know how before company comes over you gather the kids and remind them to be on their best behavior, etc? Well our pep talk always includes a special attention to telling a couple of our boys not to be eating grasshoppers or crickets in front of the guests. (For some reason there is a special thrill attached to this activity.)

Today, we find that number 3 son has had a toad living in his desk drawer-which he has been carrying around in his pocket when not deposited in the drawer!

(We've had plenty of toads here from day one. Sometimes they scare me in the shop when I don't expect them-and they don't expect me. We used to have a toad sit on our back stoop every night-I named him Napoleon.) But recently there is an increased facination with them among two of the boys. One of them wants to teach our puppy how to catch them. And then he want to start a toad farm.

Well-gotta get back to work.

Oremus pro invicem!


Jeff Culbreath said...

Wow, I didn't realize it was that serious. 105 is nothing to play around with. Prayers for Mrs. Curley forthcoming.

And thanks for yours. :-)

JCurley said...

Thanks Jeff. Things are on the upswing. We still haven't figured out the cause yet-although there are a couple candidates. Jim