Monday, July 23, 2007

Rio Bravo

Mrs. Curley and I watched the big daddy of all westerns Saturday night: Rio Bravo. It was such good western, that the director, Howard Hawks, remade versions of it twice more-both starring John Wayne as in the original. Some of the scenes in the remakes are almost identical even if the characters are switched around.

Rio Bravo does not simply have the presence of John Wayne; Walter Brennan steals the show-even up to end. They rarely make dialog like this anymore.

And who can resist Dean Martin as the recovering drunk and Ricky Nelson as the hot (or should I say coooool) young gunslinger. These four make an unlikely bunch to outwit and outgun the "Burdett" gang.

Alot of great scenes in the movie. One of the quieter ones features Dean Martin crooning a western song with Walter Brennan on the harmonica, followed up by Ricky Nelson singing an early hit. John Wayne kept out of the music bit.

Plot is not only action with some humor, but also deals with a recovering drunk and some risque dialog (and one costume) from traveling card player Angie Dickenson. So-it is really not recommended for the young.

Still, one of my favorite westerns.

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TS said...

I rented it and tje timing was perfect since Saturday it rained and was a good movie-watching day. That singing scene was a classic - Martin & Nelson could really carry a tune.

I noticed that the pivotal moment for Martin's turning from his self-pity and drink was hearing the music playing from the saloon.

I had wondered how he would get turned around, and it was interesting that it was not due to self-discipline, nor due even to the words of the great John Wayne (i.e. Mr. Chance) but from a moment of, shall we say, grace.