Monday, March 12, 2007

The Weekend

The Family Life Conference (referenced below) was very good. Attendence was low (thus book sales were low), but the talks were very good-especially Dr. Hess on stem cell research and the others. Bishop Baker attended for one talk and spoke briefly, on his way to the diocesan youth retreat.

Sales were enough to pay for gas, dinner for two (at Hardees), a show (South Pacific), and donuts after Mass Sunday morning.

South Pacific was a good production. The two leads were excellent, as was the actor who played Luther. For a student production, it greatly surpassed expectations.

Sunday we made homemade pizza (truly a family effort) and then watched "You Can't Take it With You" (another Jimmy Stewart effort). We had seen it before, but it was worth another look. (Picture will follow later tonight.) More later (hopefully).

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K for Kid said...

K for Kid says another puppy gone!
I think the last one is a keeper. . .