Saturday, February 17, 2007

Catch up time

More car stuff. It seems to plague us these days (the latest is simply a dead battery) but overall the car department is looking up. It just keeps me from doing much of anything else. We have a "new" car in the mix now. Let's see how fast we can kill it. (This allows me to return the truck I have been borrowing before I manage to kill it. Don't laugh, it has happened before.)

Am now reading "The Ox-Bow Incident". My last pre-lent foray. Never read this before, nor saw the movie. But I used to see pictures of the movie all the time. I always wondered if Roy Rogers or Gene Autry were in it. (Henry Fonda).

Worked on cleaning out the garage (my workshop) some today. Next weekend some friends are coming over to paint and help repair a couple things which need more than a few hands. So we are getting ready. Friend in Columbia, SC has some old pine flooring which just matches what our kitchen floor needs in places. So I will pick some up next week. God is good.

Well back to work. Hopefully I can check in a few times next week and maybe publicize the lenten specials at

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Iosue Andreas said...

The movie is one of my favorites: high drama at its best.