Saturday, December 23, 2006

What I did today...

It has become somewhat of a tradition, the last few days before Christmas, I hide in my office and listen to Bing Crosby 78's on my suitcase (wind-up) phonograph (similar to the one in the picture) while I wrap Christmas presents. That is how I spent most of the day and this evening.

We almost went carolling with another family(s) tonight in Columbia. We reluctantly begged-out knowing we still had so much to do. (We will go tomorrow night). Good thing too as it turns out. The big van woke up this morning with a dead battery. (I think a daughter, who shall remain anonymous, may have left the lights on overnight.) So one more unexpected thing to do was to trek into Camden to get it recharged. No rest for the weary. Whew.

Now I have to sand and coat a present I started making for my daughter last year, but never quite finished-and of course wrap some more presents.

Oremus pro invicem!


K for Kid said...

K for Kid wants to know where HER musical box is. And how come T for Terrible has a prettier bookcase.

K for Kid admits she needs spanking.

JCurley said...

K for kid will get her spanking!