Thursday, December 14, 2006

of Books

Some books are good sellers because they have a lot of money behind them (none of our fit that category); some books sell well because they are good books; some because they have well-known authors. Occasionally there is some unique attribute about a book that makes a reader buy multiple copies-to give to friends etc. Requiem Press actually has two such offerings.

The first, The Chapel Veil-symbol of the spouse of Christ by Emily Griswold and Elizabeth Black (students at Christendom College) has sold extremely well in the 18 months since published. One reason is that there is nothing like it available-that is a concise book(let) on why some women were a veil in Church. Women who do wear the veil tend to buy multiple copies to help explain to other women the purpose of wearing a veil.

A second book we publish which has NOT sold well overall-but has generated multiple copy sales to many of those who have bought it is Two Towers-the deChristianization of America and a Plan for Renewal by Magdalen College (NH) founder and retired President John Meehan. Now granted, Mr. Meehan is not a polished writer of the skill of say a Russell Shaw-but he has some important things to say about America, the Catholic Church in America, Vatican II and the road forward. Some have found his historical analysis so compelling that they've shared this book with others. We have other books which are popular, but no full-length book we offer has the multiple sales that Two Towers has. Yet it has not sold well overall. We originally published it because we thought it enlightening and compelling. I thought it an important and timely exposition of the root problems Catholics in America face, as well as plan for renewal.

In the coming weeks over at my other blog we will be putting large excerpts of Two Towers online for reading. I encourage you to stop over. This project will start tomorrow.

Oremus pro invicem!

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