Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Two Year Anniversary!!!!!!

How can I let my 2 year anniversary blogging go by without an entry? Yes two years ago today, I started Bethune Catholic and was welcomed with my first comment from Mr. Culbreath. I will not reveiw the highs and lows-but simply push forward.


In my youth I read alot of mysteries. Somehow, I had never read any Ellery Queen. Well that changed last month. I had a book sitting around here for years called The Wrightsville Murders by Ellery Queen. (EQ is the pen name for the 2 authors who write the book and for the detective in the book.) Overall, I was not impressed. The solutions to the crimes seemed a little forced, and in one case (this book had three books in one) the solution actually was pretty unrealistic. That all being said, I found one very interesting revelation. Let's step aside for a moment.

Several years ago at a talk (probably given by Steve Wood) I learned about how a father impresses upon his child the image a child has of God. Because God is also called 'Father', a child will attribute some of his earthly father's attributes to God, and this (a child's relationship with their father) will affect the child's relationship with God. At the time this was new stuff for me. And I thought it was new stuff for most people.

However, I read in Ellery Queen's book "Ten Days Wonder", written in 1948, the following (Ellery Queen is speaking to the murderer):

I attempted last year.....to explain that Howard's choice of the Ten Commandments weaon-breaking the Father-Image of God in breaking the father image of you-must have been rooted in his environment as a child.....But how about your boyhood environment Mr. Van Horn?-the environment you were raised ... Howard loved (you) his father, but you hated yours. And its out of that hatred that your Ten Commandments idea was born....

I guess this is just another case of each generation re-learning what the previous one already knew.


Busy day. Hopefully Bethune Catholic will rebound soon from a once a week to a more regular endeavor. Until then-Oremus pro invicem!

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Jeff Culbreath said...

My, has it been 2 years already? Seems like yesterday. Anyway, congratulations.