Thursday, October 19, 2006


There was a time when I thought (when considering my family and the budget) that I should have been a doctor. No more. I should be a plumber.

Plumbing, as stated before on this blog, is not my favorite home repair area. I can do it, but it usually requires bending to get in cramped places and doesn't allow for too much slop unless you don't mind leaky pipes. (Thank God for this wonderful self-fusing tape I have. It take sthe precision out of plumbing.)

Yet I constantly have plumbing jobs in the que. Since the weekend I have been working (in my spare time-Ha!) on putting in a new drain field for the washing machine line. More digging than plumbing-but it is certainly related. And last night as we get home from CCD, we find the kitchen floor flooded-oh yes the water heater has sprung a leak.

I really had something substantial and thought-provoking to say this morning-but because of the late night last night draining what was left in the old water heater, I am at a loss.

The only thing that comes to mind (and this is because we have just finished a quick 'survey' of the book of Job in CCD) is the quite appropriate and very true:

"The Lord giveth and the Lord hath taketh away. Blessed by the name of the
(Job 1:21)

From Bethany, the small holding in Bethune...Oremus pro invicem!


Anonymous said...

Never too late to learn a trade. there is a thing called night school. May be a very lucrutive business. You know I am sure your wife could use a good plumber have you thought yet of maybe hiring one before she does??????????

Good luck with it all.

K for Kid said...

I think I might have heard mrs jcurley call a plumber yesterday and set up a rendezvous for Saturday. You had better intervene!

K for Kid