Monday, September 25, 2006

The Weekend

Nothing too exciting. It had been a long and exhausting week, so rest was in order-and was achieved. Sunday after Mass we came home and alternately read stories and played games ("Sorry!") with my youngest two in between naps.

Last evening we gathered after dinner and sang some songs-many of them songs of Ireland, and some hymns. After we sang "Our Lady of Knock" we discussed that even though Our Lady is the patroness of America, we don't seem to have a uniquely American hymn honoring her-just English translations of other hymns. Is this true?


While it has been occurring to me with greater and greater clarity for several years now (and discussed in previous posts), it is a fact that the I am left without a political party to champion my beliefs. I do remember those days gone by when I thought being an orthodox Catholic and being a Republican were almost synonymous-of course it was a delusionment even then-but I was in ignorant bliss. (The errancy of the advice given by William Buckley's "National Review" -that I could safely ignore John Paul II's social encyclicals because economy was not an area of competence (faith and morals) did not hit me until a few years ago-when I actually read them, I am ashamed to say.)

Today's particular disappointment with politicians in general stems from the failed Republican stand-off with the Bush Administration's interrogation bill. My understanding is that while the Republican Senators McCain (never been a fan), Warner (don't know much about him), and Graham (one of my senators-and I have been a fan), did win on the important issue on the accused being able to see the evidence presented against him, they seem to have lost on the torture. To say that the US and the CIA will abide by all the Geneva Conventions on interrogation-yet if a CIA operative tortures a prisoner, he cannont be prosecuted for it-means business (er.. torture) as usual.

I read somewhere this weekend that the Democrats have introduced a 'pro-life bill' in the House: giving support to pregnant women so they won't necessarily seek an abortion. I applaud those who have introduced this (if it is what it seems), but I have no illusions.


Nicole said...

We are indeed mournfully short of hymns honoring Our Immaculate Patroness. However, there are a few! one may hear "The Huron Carol" during Christmastime or the Aurisville, NY pilgrimages, which was written by the Missionary Jesuit, St. John Brebeuf, to a French carol. Homeward bound American and Mexican pilgrims also sing "AdiĆ³s O Virgen de Guadalupe"; also, many Marian hymns were popularized in the 1930's by poet-priest Fr. Leonard Feeney.

JCurley said...

Oh yes, I have heard of the Huron Carol and now also recall the daughters of friends sang it for us once. We must learn it ourselves.

I will have to look for the others you mention. I did not know that Fr. Feeney wrote some hymns. Thanks.