Friday, August 04, 2006

Truth in Advertising...

You've all read about the dog problems we've had over the years-especially the chicken and dog problems. Well, we have 4 dogs right now (not counting the puppy who will soon be given away.) How we happend to acquire four is a long story, but suffice to say that four is at least 2 too many in my mind. So we came up with a plan to find homes for a couple of the dogs.

Number two son was tasked with making a sign to put around town advertising one of our dogs. Here is the rough draft he showed me last night:

So I said to him: "Son, do you think this is good advertising? I mean you didn't list many good habits."

He replies with a shrug, "What good habits does he have? He doesn't come when you call; he doesn't obey."

He's right about it all. Truth in advertising. So, is there anyone out there who wants a really good looking dog who kills chickens, chases cars, limps due to birdshot in one leg, doesn't obey, doesn't come when you call, but is good with kids? Free to a good home. (Here's the picture)

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Jeff Culbreath said...

LOL. Kids, they always make my day.