Thursday, August 03, 2006


Usually this week we are at the Catholic Marketing Network (CMN) tradeshow in the Philidelphia area. We've met some great folks there in the past and real miss it. But with 4 books in preparation for the fall, and a million things to do, we have forgone the CMN show to put our marketing resources in other areas. We'll probably be back there next year.

Musings from a Catholic Bookstore who is at the show comments on his blog (for some reason I can't cut and paste the quote or link to his exact post):

"At least its Dry heat" really takes on a new meaning going from 90 degrees with 10% humidity in Colorado to 100 degrees and 89% humidity in Philidelphia.

Mr. Culbreath mentioned last week how the heat may have contributed to his chickens' reduced production.

It looks like if you want to beat the heat you should come to Bethune, SC. While we are having our typical heat for this time of the season, compared to other places, it may be considered quite comfortable, even balmy-especially under our ceiling fans. Try mid-90's with 60% humidity. Sounds inviting? Y'all come on over!

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