Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Kings Mountain

Growing up in the North, when we studied the American Revolution, the focus was on Lexington and Concord, the battle of Bunker Hill, etc. I don't recall South Carolina being taught as a key battle area in the war. Yet more battles were fought in South Carolina than any other colony. And, if you believe what you hear at the battlefields down here, Kings Mountain was the turning point of the war and set up Washington's victory at Yorktown.

So in the spirit of learning, I retrieved from the library this past weekend, "Kings Mountain and Its Heroes" by Lyman C. Draper (1881). It should be interesting reading-even if heavily biased. (It will be interesting to see what Mr. Draper's take is on the horrible massacre which ensued after the battle was won and the British had surrendered.) I think I have a more recent (and shorter, this old book is almost 600 pages) account of Kings Mountain in my library here somewhere. Reading both will give me two perspectives in time.

Of course we have been to Kings Mountain a few times as it is less than 2 hours from here. (See this post for our some details of that trip and other expeditions.) One more tidpit on the battle of Kings Mountain (which really is only a hill), most think that Davy Crockett's father participated in the battle.

Oh yes, look for the results from the "Cover poll" later today.

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