Tuesday, August 01, 2006

And the winner is ...

Actually-response was so good and comments so heartfelt, that we decided to give 2 books away. This afternoon my youngest son and daughter picked the winners' names out of a hat: (drum roll please....)

Mike the Geek and TS

Congratulations to both of you! Both winners can email me at: info(AT)requiempress(DOT)com to provide us with their shipping address for their prize copy of Dr. William May's memoirs: Standing with Peter. (I expect books will ship around the end of September.)

Regarding the results of the voting: Cover C edged out A for victory with B coming in a very distant 3rd. There were several suggestions on coloring, moving the photo to the back cover, scrapping the newspaper headlines, fixing the photo, etc. We have already begun sorting through these and mocking up some of the better ideas.

Following are a couple comments (from me) which may give you some insight to the design process here. Different cover ideas are brainstormed and then the best of the lot are put to paper (screen). Sometimes a detail here or there are somewhat arbitrary-at least at first-until we get some critical reviews.

In the case of this particular book, I do feel the blog pictures were not as good as they should have been. For instance I am not sure all the voters noticed that the gray (B) background was embossed print.

Some commenters were distracted by the newsprint background. While others liked the newsprint and found it interesting. Much of Dr. May's career was shaped by the events of 1968, and in opposition to others who defend their dissent from "Peter" over these events to this day. Certainly, if we use it, it should be in the background-how much is the question....

There were some color comments which we have already tried and think may be effective. And there were some details on the picture which we are also considering.

Our thanks go out to all of you. Whether your particular preference or idea is acted upon or not, the book cover will be better because of your votes and constructive criticism. God bless you!

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