Monday, July 31, 2006


You have to read this article (Saturday's CatholicExchange ) by Fr. Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R. Here is the first line that caught my eye:

Nietzsche has put forth some direct challenges to all Christian believers. One of them is a remark aimed primarily at apologists and evangelists. He states it very simply: “The reason why people no longer believe is that believers no longer sing!”

Many underplay the importance of music and of singing. Today singing it is thought more of as entertainment-a spectator sport (unless you are alone in your room or the shower). But singing and singing with others should really be a part of our community life.

Singing expresses joy. Singing in community brings a closeness, and intimatcy-because in singing we give more of ourselves and open ourselves up more.

Here's some more from the article:

Singing, especially spontaneous singing, is often a sign of happiness....the Devil goes around scattering a dust of sadness and discouragement...we lack the armor of joy, we can easily become victimized by a sadness that also repels others.

I think our culture is afraid of joy. We are afraid to get too close (to open up) to our fellow man. We are afraid to get to close to (and stand face to face with) God. This is why we search for the fountain of youth through technology and medicene. We are afraid to die because we have no joy!

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