Saturday, July 29, 2006

Morning Prayer

When I first started praying Morning Prayer, it was one day a week with a group of men from my parish. During different periods since then I have prayed it somewhere between never and 5 or so days a week. (Typical American Catholic-I always took the weekends off.) Occasionally Mrs. Curley and I pray Night Prayer together. Very peaceful. I remember praying Night Prayer at the bedside of my father on his last night on earth....

But I digress.

I recall the first time I prayed Morning Prayer on a Saturday morning (and this wasn't that many years ago). For some reason I thought it would be much shorter because, being Saturday, didn't Rome know we had lots of chores and errands to do!

Quick note on "Diary of a Country Priest": I am almost finished. How could I have missed the power this book the first time I read it? Will comment more later.


Jeff Culbreath said...

Jim, may I ask what you use for Morning and Evening Prayer?

JCurley said...

Not the best translation of the psalms in some cases-but the only one I know of: Catholic Book Publishing: Christian Prayer: Liturgy of the Hours. I have the 1 volume. I don't know that there is another available. If you do-let me know.