Thursday, June 08, 2006

Just 2 more things

I'm sure these have already been noted by most, but just in case:

1) Mr. Culbreath comments on life in a small county (I find the same, but on a larger scale. The state of South Carolina is small population-wise and thus gives more access. I have met senators (1), governors (2), attorney generals (2), etc. just by being around-I am not active in either major party. Same goes for the Church. When I lived in Boston the only time you saw the ArchBishop was at a confirmation, if you indeed got him instead of an auxillary. You may see him at a pro-life march from a distance. But you never met him unless you knew people. Not the case in the Charleston diocese-which encompasses the entire state of SC. While I have only met Bishop once myself, my wife and children have met him several times. He is very accessible and visible throughout our diocese-everyone has talked to the Bishop.)

Mr. Culbreath also contrasts city and country life. I can relate to many of the feelings he expresses on both sides of the divide.

2) The other thing, (via is this statement from the just released document, “Family and Human Procreation" by the Pontifical Council on the Family:

However, using natural family planning to have only one or a maximum of two childrenis nothing other than a kind of series of brief parentheses within an entire conjugal life willingly made sterile

I posted a link to an article sometime in the last month or so decrying the frequent use of NFP as "Catholic Birth Control". It appears this danger is getting notice in higher places. It is about time.

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