Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Weekend

Summer finally arrived this weekend in our neck of the woods. May can be very hot, but not this year. We didn't hit 90 (F) until this weekend.

We spent Saturday catching up on some neglected areas-the lawn, a little cleaning, etc. I think I did something else, but it seems so long ago, I don't remember. I know I worked hard, whatever it was.

We also learned some great friends of ours who had moved away a couple years ago for a job will be moving back to SC sometime this summer. This is great news. The head of the family along with myself and another friend used to have novena and beer nights (after the sacraments, two of the greatests things invented by God) here and there.

Sunday we again were blessed with the opportunity to say the rosary with friends. We had a belated May Crowning - followed by the rosary and much fun for the adults and the children (although it may be some time before my joints recover fully from the soccer game.)

Monday, I slept later than I have in many months. Played a few games with the younger children, spent a couple hours weeding the garden, napped after lunch, took the dog for a walk in the woods, and ended the day watching the classic, (Leslie Howard version) The Scarlet Pimpernal. (Quite timely as I am reading about the French Revolution in Warren Carroll's "The Revolution Against Christendom" presently.)

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