Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Historical Perspective

One of the great errors of our times is judging all of history by today's customs and standards (some of whose standards are pretty lousy anyway). So it was with some joy I read these words from our Holy Father in a ZENIT dispatch last week:

..."we must guard against the arrogant claim of setting ourselves up to judge earlier generations, who lived in different times and different circumstances.

"Humble sincerity is needed in order not to deny the sins of the past, and at the same time not to indulge in facile accusations in the absence of real evidence or without regard for the different perceptions of the time."


"As we ask pardon for the wrong that was done in the past, we must also remember the good accomplished with the help of divine grace which, even if contained in earthenware vessels, has borne fruit that is often excellent."

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