Monday, May 01, 2006


First, regarding this post below: while I can enjoy parodies, I usually don't go for making fun of hymns, even bad hymns personally. But here is the difference: first, I could argue that you could hardly call "Gather Us In" a hymn to begin with. The more important point is that the songs we sing at the Liturgy should be about HIM and not about us. The grand majority of the songs in the "Gather" hymnal celebrate US more than God. Even the ones which do praise God tend to find a way to center most of the attention on US-of course to make us feel good. There are some of course that are worse than others. Rumors have it that we will see reform of the Liturgy, including a strong directive on the music, come from Rome in October...

(Speaking of parodies, The Curt Jester posts about Liturgical Anonymous for abusers of the the liturgy...)

Master and Commander: never really happened Saturday night. The copy of the tape we got had major tracking problems: the picture would go B&W and the sound would go off every minute or so. The only cure was to eject the tape each time and put it back in. This gave us another minute or so. Too frustrating. We went about 1/2 hour hoping it would get better, but no such luck. (We ended up watching the James Hilton classic Lost Horizon with Ronald Coleman which someone had gotten from the library this week. Funny, we watched two movies about people trying to create perfect societies this weekend. Both, like the hymns discussed above, relied on man instead of God.)

Spent much of Sunday afternon with friends from Columbia who came out to Bethany. Prayed the rosary doesn't get much better than that.

From Bethany, the small holding in Bethune...Oremus pro invicem!


Ephrem said...

Keep at it! Master and Commander is the best movie ever!

JCurley said...

We watched enough that I am hooked and want to see the rest. We'll find a way.