Friday, April 28, 2006

Someone must have posted about this in the past....

In a recent issue of The Wanderer, I came across reference to this : (Society for a Moratorium on the Music of Marty Haugen and David Haas). I was 'singing' some of these parodies to Mrs. Curley and daughter last night as they got ready for bed. Hilarious. Here's a sample:

Here in this place, a bad song is starting,
Now will the altar turn into a stage.
All that is holy is slowly departing,
Making a way for the coming New Age.

Gather us in, though we are like captives.
But to miss Mass on Sunday, that would be wrong.
But Lord hear our plea, regarding M. Haugen:
Give him the courage to put down that bong.

and another:

Here in this church the choir is droning;
"Gather Us In" is our entrance song.
Chanted this slow, it sounds more like groaning;
I notice no one is singing along.
"Gather Us In" is sung every Sunday;
"Gather Us In" is sung every Mass.
Give us a break and sing something different,
"Gather Us In" gets old really fast.

(My punishment will be that 'Gather us in' will be played not once, but as entrance and recessional on Sunday....

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