Wednesday, May 31, 2006

UPDATE: Forgot to mention the highlight of the afternoon, when oldest daughter started yelling, "Get out of the water--Shark! Shark! She and Mrs. Curley had seen a fin lurking in the water some 15-20 feet from me. I did see the fin myself but not at such a close distance. After talking to some locals, it appears it was more likely a dolphin than a shark. But we did stay out of the water for a bit after that.

When hear from my office voices and feet at 6:15 AM there is either a fire, or a beach trip is being assembled. This morning it is fortunately the latter. Isle of Palms just outside of Charleston was the destination. We found a quiet and uncrowded stretch of beach and swam and played for several hours. This was the first family beach trip in a couple years where I didn't edit a manuscript on the beach (although I brought one with me.)

Great fun, but back to work tomorrow.

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Mrs.Curley said...

I still am under the impression we were not dealing with Flipper here! Notice also, that the locals told us to go right back in the water and that they left very soon after?????????