Thursday, May 04, 2006

Blogs are funny things...

Last year Ignatius Insight did a series on why Catholic bloggers blog, what blogs they read, etc.

Then there was this post of mine, quoting an article on blogging-the possible dangers.

So we come to a day like today and I have nothing to say-but feel compelled to post something-anything.

Is it vanity? Got to get a post up to keep those unique hits climbing? Is it a sense of duty to my readers (all 16 of you)!

There are some posts I need to write-having been meaning to write. But some of these will take more time than I have of late. Hopefully these will come.

So I will leave you with this thought to ponder, it being May... From Furrow (#180):

Auxilium christianorum!-Help of Christians, says the litany of Loreto with confidence. Have you tried to repeat that aspiration in time of difficulty? If you do it with faith, with the tenderness of a daughter or a son, you will discover the power of the intercession of your Holy Mother Mary, who will lead you to victory.

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