Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Time to sharpen the tools...

It is getting to be that time again. I posted about how we tried make many of the our Christmas presents for each other last year. Again this year....

I have always wanted to make a lap desk, like this. But we thought number 1 daughter wouldn't get too much use out of it. However, I think now there are one or two of the kids who would enjoy and really use one now. So I am planning to make a couple of them. (If they turn out okay, maybe I'll take orders...)

I can't talk about what I will doing for Mrs. Curley as she reads this blog pretty regularly. She has suggested a number of projects, but most are more expensive (lumber is pretty high right now) or will take longer to make than present time allows.

As a kid I always pictured myself making a living working with wood. I'm sure I could-but my skill set does need some work. I think I was at my peak some 11-13 years ago when I was spending a lot of time in the shop. I would also need to upgrade some of my tools if I were going to being using them everyday. Fun to think about, but I have other work to do.

Speaking of which, over at my 'other' blog Catholic Laity we have listed a couple of booksignings for Requiem Press books which are coming up. If you are in the area (DC & NH), be sure to stop by.

From Bethany, the small holding in Bethune....Oremus pro invicem!

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alicia said...

anyone who is coming to Mr. Meehan's booksigning, please let me know. I would love to meet you!
I'll even buy you a tea or coffee.