Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Random Notes

Have decided to answer question 45 (see post below) with the 'most cases' language suggested by Mr. Luse. I knew there were problems with our justice system as practiced-now I understand a little more why. It is very disheartening. It seems almost impossible to participate in a meaningful way in our justice system and in our political structures unless you compromise your conscience.

A few weeks ago I started receiving The Wanderer in my mailbox. I have not suscribed and there was no letter telling me about a trial period. (Perhaps it will come later?). I remember we got The Wanderer when I was growing up. One of the reasons why some were not surprised by either "the scandal" or the causes of the scancal is that The Wanderer has been reporting on this for years. I used to suscribe myself some years ago-but as with other periodicals, I just didn't have time to read everything coming in. James J. Drummey has a column "Catholic Replies" each week. Mr. Drummey's children went to school with my brothers and sisters in Norwood, MA. None of his kids were in my class. He has several books (CR Publications), especially his Catholicism and Ethics series with Fr. Paul Hayes are highly recommended (by me). So it is interesting to pick it up again after these years.

An article in the 3 November issue particularly caught my eye. "Whatever He Achieves on High Court...Bush Has Failed to Educate Nation on Pro-Life" by Dexter Duggan, reflects much of my thought on the matter. The President has the bully pulpit. He can lead and change hearts and minds as he does on other issues when he choses to do so-if he believes it is important. Most of his pro-life statements have been to the pro-lifers, not to the general public. ...

Finally today, here is a picture of Bethany, taken by my sister this summer. Wish I had an areil view to show off the whole property. Not too big and not too fancy, but it is home. (Requiem Press offices are on the 2nd floor to the left, as you face the house. )

From Bethany, the small holding in Bethune...Oremus pro invicem!

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