Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A short note: Russell Shaw was interviewed by ZENIT on "Why Vatican II Emphasized Lay Apostolate". The whole interview is well worth reading, (11/28/05 daily dispatch). I excerpted a couple paragraphs on my other blog Catholic Laity. Of course Mr. Shaw managed to mention his new book from us - for which we are thankful.


Michael said...

You'll probably be happy to know that at the end of Shaw's article on V-II in the new issue of the Knights of Columbus magazine, they gave the book title and Requiem's web address and phone number.

JCurley said...

Michael, Thanks for letting me know. I haven't yet received the December issue of Columbia - but now am looking forward to it more... I just noticed that I have yet to read my October Columbia or my November Catholic World Report - I am getting behind, so I probably wouldn't have noticed this until February or so.