Wednesday, October 26, 2005

So little time...

For at least a couple weeks now I have wanted to post on my take on old earth/young earth. This is a topic which first came up at Hallowed Ground: here. It will have to wait as things are just too busy to put in the effort required. Related to this, I wanted to post about a book I have just about finished reading: "The Science Before Science" by Anthony Rizzi. (founder of the Institute for Advanced Physics)

There has been an interesting discussion here (Crowhill) about the 'feminizaton' of the church. I wanted to weigh in, but again, time prevents.

And back to Hallowed Ground, there is post on the phenomenon of the "Youth Culture and the Teenager" here. (Surprisingly, Jeff's post has generated no comments. I have a comment to make but have not had the opportunity to formulate it completely.)

Finally, I have been going through my number one daughter's college books which she left behind, (3 copies of Plato's Republic-did she keep losing them and have to buy extras or did she steal other peoples???-Any Christendom College readers, if you are missing your copy, let me know....), and have done profitable reading. The most recent book is "The 4 Temperments" by Rev. Conrad Hock. I want to post substantially on this, but again as time permits..... I will say this: In my time spent in industry I went to countless "leadership" programs-all of which identified the 4 personality types, although usually they were named after animials, (the beaver, the gazelle, the woodchuck, etc.). This particular booklet is only 55 pages, but really gives insight also into the spiritual dimension and problems encountered by each personality type: choleric, melancholic, sanguine, and phlegmatic. (I believe Sophia Institute Press has a more comprehensive treatment of these recently released.) After reading this booklet I learned several things. First, some of my the traits that I attributed to my own hard work and personal virtue I have been humbled to find are simply rooted in my personality type. However, I have also realized why some of my faults are so difficult to overcome (and practical helps to overcome them). More importantly, I have more insight into what makes my kids tick and what I can logically expect of them in different situations. Further, the booklet gives guides on how to train each personality type to fully develop the good traits and correct the bad traits. Of course it is not black and white as most of us have mixed temperments, yet one dominent. I would say this all is useful information (although you can't use it as a crutch - "That's just the way I am"! - or an excuse for lack of virtue) especially for a parent (or religious superior).

From Bethany, the small holding in Bethune...Oremus pro invicem!

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