Monday, August 15, 2005

We went to the ocean Thursday. We thought it would be less crowded as SC schools started last week. However, the vacationers from the North must wait for this very time to come down because the beach was most crowded we had seen all summer long. This of course is unfortunate as we do try to set down at the most isolated spot possible - thus avoiding(at least somewhat) the scandalous immodesty displayed on our beaches.

Computer system is still down. It looks like it will be at least another few days. Turns out that the company who made the computer is out of business (thus being difficult to find parts) and that the warranty stipulates that the contractor servicing the warranty doesn't have do anything for 48 hours after a contact. For instance if they promise to call you back with information, they are not obligated (and thus will not) call you back for 48 hours. Frustrating it has been.

Hallowed Ground is going on a Blog-fast. I have noticed of late some others that I try to read somewhat regularly have temporarily or permanently decided to do the same in one form or another. For myself, while in some sense I would rather just blog and not spend time reading the blogs of others - there just are some blogs which I just enjoy reading for either the news provided or the philosophy discussed. It is often the reading of other blogs which takes so much time.

I started writing this post last Friday - I hope to have something to say about the Feast of the Assumption later today or tomorrow. Til then you will have to be satisfied with the following:

After reading various efforts in recent months of blog-poetry, I debut with my own poem - written at least 25 years ago. My 10th grade English teacher thought it had more depth than I had. I had scribbled to complete an assignment as the teacher walked in the room. It is a Haiku (sp?) Here goes:

The balancing branch
It may fall when I pass by
Think I'll take my chanc's

From Bethany, the small holding in Bethune...

Oremus pro invicem!

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